Training Curriculum - Aliveness & Embodiment

  • The Institute for Bodymind Integration (IBI in Ghent (BELGIUM)) has a vision to be a place of excellence. A place that offers training and personal and professional development for participants that is both comprehensive and rewarding. Our emphasis is on providing our programs through a transpersonal lens of community, connectedness and deep respect for each person.”
  • Our Professional Training course "Aliveness & Embodiment" is in collaboration with SoulTantra Institute (NL) accredited by ICPIT (The International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers) - the sole official representative body of this work worldwide founded by Jack W. Painter, PhD in 1988.
  • This Prospectus outlines the Training Courses (in English!) leading to Certification in Postural® and Energetic Integration® by ICPIT and Tantric Inner Grounding Therapist™ You are welcome to join.

The Training in Aliveness & Embodiment
(Energetic Integration® + Postural Integration®+ Tantric Inner Grounding™ )
starts on March 17th 2017

The First Year consists of 2 X 7, 2 X 2 Days, 6 Study Workshops and 6 Supertor Days (Supervision and Mentoring Days
The training is 4 Years for the Postural Integration® Training in Body Psychotherapy
The training is 5 Years for the Postural Integration® + Energetic Integration® Training in Body Psychotherapy.

WE WELCOME YOU IN Oost West Centrum Orval (Belgium)

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The basic year Aliveness & Embodiment Training

Primal and Inner Child training and deep self-care through introduction in Tantra and practical lifestyle according to Ayurveda principles.  You also learn the basis of  Postural Integration® sessions and Reichian bodywork. The basic year forms the basis and herewith is also the first year of the Tantric Ayurvedic Bodyworker, the 4-year Training Tantric Inner Grounding Therapist™ and Postural Integration therapist®.

The second year Aliveness & Embodiment Training

This year deepens your development in deep bodywork techniques, deepens you further in Reichian bodywork, the living philosophy of Tantra and the practice of Ayurveda. You also learn the basis of Postural Integration Psychotherapy sessions & Psychotherapeutic process work.

The third year Aliveness & Embodiment Training

This year is aimed at the therapy of relations as well as on group dynamics according to Tantric Inner Grounding Therapy™. During this year you can also start with the deep work/phase of Postural Integration® . Both in year 3 and in year 4, you follow an extra 7-day and an extra 5-day module under the guidance of Dirk Marivoet and the ICPIT trainers. In this way you acquire the most powerful skills available in the field of bodywork and body psychotherapy. 

The fourth year Aliveness & Embodiment Training

In this year you graduate on one of the following subjects : Ayurveda and Tantra, Relation therapy and Tantra, Psychotherapy and Tantra and/or Bodywork and Tantra by means of a thesis and a practical assignment. Students Postural Integration® work also with 3 training-clients and receive the necessary supervision.  

Extra modules and studyworkshops Aliveness & Embodiment Training

You can - if you like - also take other than the obligatory study workshops (SWS). You can if time allows, choose - with a discount - extra study workshops and extra modules. 

  • In year 1 you can assist in 4 SWS. The SWS is then free.
  • In year 2 you can assist in 4 SWS.The SWS is then free
  • In year 3 kyou can assist in 4 SWS.The SWS is then free
  • In year 4you can assist in 6 SWS and also co-guide. The SWS is again free.

A SWS costs you as a student  € 75,- in stead of  € 95,-. Inthis way it is possible to rapidly extend your knowledge and skills. We encourage this possibility of taking SWS very much. 

In a first specialisation year (or 5th year) you can take more training in Energetic Integration® Pyschotherapy. This methodology is already partly a part of Postural Integration®, but during this year we work more deeply with the topics of groupdynamics from Energetic Integration®. This training is guided by ICPIT-trainers and coordinated by Dirk Marivoet.

During this specialization year (or 6th year), you have the possibility to also deepen your skills and knowledge in Advanced Postural Integration® sessions. Next to the 12 basic paradigm sessions from Postural Integration® you learn how to work with 4 extra sessions around the core and the 4-diaphragms of body balance. This Advanced Training is given by Dirk Marivoet and ICPIT trainers.

In other seminars and study workshops we will also work with Pelvic-Heart Integration®. This form of working is Sexologial Bodymind Therapy. Experientially and body oriented, work is done with the integration of the pelvis and the heart, and of the inner masculine and feminine polarities. Also trans-generational lines, sexual trauma, etc. are dealt with and practitioners are prepared to exercise.  This advanced training is lead by Elisabeth Renner & Dirk Marivoet. see also