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Then please complete the form on the right side. Your application will be taken up by the Secretariat of  SoulTantra Institute (NL), together with whom we organize this training. You will receive more information as to the next steps in the enrollment process (Intake questionnaire, deposit, Intake interview, etc.. 

A registration fee of € 100, - is to be sent to the following Bank Account: NL30 INGB 0007 5367 68
of Soul Tantra Institute with the mention: "Enrollment 4-Year Training" 
You will receive a provisional confirmation and invitation for an interview.
You can also make calls to make an appointment for an intake interview: ++ 31- (0) 6-30443108.
After the interview, you will receive a final notification letter by mail.

Overview of the Training Costs of the 4-Year Training in Aliveness & Embodiment (Tantric Inner Grounding Therapist™ / Postural Integration Therapist®)

Below you can see how the costs of the four-year program Aliveness & Embodiment are built. You'll also find deductions and possible reimbursement of (part of) the training. No rights may be derived from this, and apply personally for the above.

Specification of the entire training cost per year
Two modules of seven days
(Including accommodation)
2 x € 1050,-
€ 2100,-
Two deepening weekends
(Which follow the two modules)
4 x € 75,-
€ 300,-
Six study workshop days
(Per year free to choose from the complete list)
6 x € 75,-
€ 450,-
Six Supertor days
(= Supervision and mentoring by teachers of training)
6 x € 75,-
€ 450,-
Six individual sessions
(A double session with Eelco Roovers for Ayurveda nutritionconsult, a session with Jacqueline Snelder, a session with Lars Weller (Tantra and creative expression), a session at To..
6 x € 75,-
€ 450,-
Registration and administration costs
€ 100,-
€ 100,-
Individual guidance
(An average of six sessions per year Skype and email support via PIVS (process integration and tracking))
€ 250,-
€ 250,-
Material costs
(syllabi, files, worksheets etc.)
€ 350,-
€ 350,-
€ 4450,-

This is the total amount per year enrollment from December 1, 2017.

Read on for discount!

Registration is always for 2 years. (Years 1 and 2 and year 3 and 4) for each two-year routes you will receive a separate contract and you can suggest in how many installments you want to pay.

Registration is every 2 years because we need a strong channel for such in-process work we do within the program and is a conscious choice for you as a student to dedicate yourself for two years in order to choose a longer route and to then pursue further professionalization and completion of the program in the next two years.

Because of registration for 2 years you get a big discount on the annual fee each year. This goes as follows:

Discount from year 2017 is € 455, - the total cost per year

Reduction from 2018 is € 355, - the total cost per year

Discount from year 2019 is € 255, - the total cost per year

Reduction from 2020 is € 255, - the total cost per year

Total cost per year in 2017 for the upcoming training program Aliveness & Embodiment / Tantric Inner Grounding:

Year 1: € 3995, - which consists of

Training costs: € 2945, -
Food & Lodging: € 1050, -

Year 2: € 3995, - which consists of

Training costs: € 2945, -
Food & Lodging: € 1050, -

Year 3: € 4195, - which consists of

Training costs: € 3045, -
Food & Lodging: € 1150, -
Year 4: € 1500, - (single training costs)

Costs Training Tantric Inner Grounding with PI, Postural Integration®:

In the package price for three years of € 4195, - there will be € 1800, - added

At the total price for four years of € 1500, - there will be € 1800, - added

This is broken down as follows:

Year 3 additional Module 7 days: € 1050, -including accommodation : € 75, - per day / € 525, -

Year 3 Module 5 additional days: € 750, - including accommodation : € 75, - per day / € 375, -

Year 4 additional Module 7 days: € 1050, - including accommodation : € 75, - per day / € 525, -

Year 4 Module 5 additional days: € 750, - including accommodation : € 75, - per day / € 375, -

Additional costs

Per year, there is a cost for literature and follow additional sessions

The additional bodywork sessions follow, if you plan to follow the PI process and does so every year 1, 2 and 3 in 15 bodywork sessions per year. You undergo a complete PI process in all these years.

You make appointments for these with a teaching therapist in your area who will communicate his/her session price. (Rates may vary between 85 and 105 euros per session approximately, depending on the duration of the session and the seniority of the therapist). In the fourth year, you follow 10 more bodywork sessions.

In years 2, 3 and 4 you can start giving sessions to clients and you can already ask money. This way you can recoup a training part. In year two, three and four years you will be told which kind of sessions you can give and how many. In year two, we start with a minimum of 6 and in year 3 with a minimum of 10. For your thesis and graduation at least 15 sessions are necessary. This way you can recoup on average 2325.00 euros at an average session price of 75 euros .The list of learning therapists in your neighborhood will be sent to you at the beginning of the year.

Literature: You can borrow lots of books from our library, or you can buy second-hand or in pdf format. We leave it therefore to the students about how they want to buy these books. We made a compulsory and optional reading list for each year. You will spend a minimum of  € 250, - for required books.

Paying in installments

It is possible to pay tuition in installments. You pay registration fees. Paying in two installments, you pay the first installment before the start of module 1 and the second time four months later. Administration costs are € 50, -.

Paying in six installments (the payment dates are determined in consultation). Administration costs are € 75, -.

Paying in 10 installments (the payment dates are determined in consultation with us). Administration costs are € 100, -. You can contact your tax office for your individual possibilities for deduction of these costs.Via different agencies and foundations partial reimbursements are available for study for professional or personal development.

After the 4-year program you can become registered easily in various professional organizations such as Tantra Alliance, SBLP, ICPIT, et al ..