The Institute for Bodymind Integration

Member of EABP, BVP-ABP, EAP, WAPCEPC, VVPMT. We offer trainings in Body Psychotherapy: Energetic Integration, Postural Integration, Pelvic-Heart Integration. Also sessions and supervision in Core-Energetics

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Address: Destelbergenstraat 49-51, B-9040 Ghent
Phone: (32) 9 228 49 11
Email: info@bodymindintegration.com
Web: www.bodymindintegration.com

For all information about our Energetic Integration, Postural Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration Trainings, please contact the secretariat at the above address.

Bank account number Inst. Bodymind Integration

Iban: BE24 0017 2768 0538

BIC BNP Paribas Fortis : GEBABEBB