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The Training in Energetic Integration + Postural Integration - Body Psychotherapy - Bodymind Integration starts 25 august 2015. Early birds receive a reduction on the Training Fees for the First Year!

This amazing training is accredited by ICPIT!

New Training (in English) with an International Faculty starts 25 august 2016

The Institute for Bodymind Integration (Incorporating the Belgian Centre for Postural Integration and Energetic Integration) has trained Practitioners in Postural and Energetic Integration since 1985.  This will be our first Training course in English!!

Why? We needed to refuse too many people who did not speak Dutch!!

AND we now have loads of experience giving such a professional training course.  Amazing teachers (ALL highly qualified ICPIT-TRAINERS) from all over Europe will be part of the staff. Bodymind Integration was launched more then 40 years ago in a time when psychotherapy and bodywork were separate areas of research! OUR TRAINING OFFERS A DELICATE INTEGRATION OF A PRAGMATIC STYLE OF BODY PSYCHOTHERAPY AND A PRACTICAL WAY OF WORK WITH THE BODY.

Bodymind Integration was developed by Dr. Jack W. Painter, PhD. It is an experiential, existential, humanistic and person centered kind of holistic work bringing together influences from Reichian Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Structural Integration (Rolfing), Somatic Experiencing, 5-elements work, movement awareness, ....

Not only are our team members/trainers skilled psychotherapists, trained in regular academic fields like psychology, medicine, physical therapy, philosophy, etc., they are also skilled hands-on-bodyworkers. In our work we bring these skills together into an elegant  relational dance between therapist and client. Interested? Ask for our curriculum.