Training Modules in Core Strokes™


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Core Strokes™ is a form of Deep wholistic bodywork, inspired by Postural Integration® (the world famous bodymind integration method developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD from the 1960s onwards), Core Energetics, Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor and Spiritual principles and practices. It offers powerful tools  for making a profound and authentic contact with the Self (Persona/ae, Ego, Shadow, Animus/a) in order to restore and promote energy balance and equilibrium in the personality. Once we can feel the price we pay for our defenses and defensiveness, the work can begin.

Every “BODY” has both internal and external resources.  Core Strokes™ invites you to deeply connect with you internal resources : Strength, agility, intelligence, inherited talents, resilience, instinctual wisdom of the nervous system. As such we support and nurture a sense of physical , emotional , mental and spiritual well-being. Core Strokes™ addresses also external resources as nature, friends, family, spiritual practice, expressive arts ,dance, movement, Tai Chi, martial arts, music, etc.

During the training modules we offer a balanced program with focus on both internal and external resources.

Core Strokes™ emphasizes helping clients establish connection to those parts of Self that are already organized, coherent and functional with interest, curiosity and exploration. When people can awaken inner resources they will live fuller lives. Working with areas of resource and flexible functioning will spontaneously begin to mobilize areas of decreased functioning. Thus, we usually work on relatively resourced areas first. This is also based on scientific insights coming from rehabilitation sciences. All our body sensations and experiences can serve as empowerment.

Core Strokes™  is based on Deep Touch Bodywork positive regard, empathy, congruence, authenticity, caring for the self and for the other, phenomenological assessment strategies, self-discovery, and insight. These core conditions permit therapeutic intervention in life areas which are otherwise hardly accessible, such as love, hope, meaning of life, loss, relationships, creativity, holism, spirituality, freedom, transcendence, personal growth, social justice, multicultural and gender issues, responsibility, and interdependence. Core Strokes™ incorporates a number of mystical and mythological principles, as well as a theory of the personality based on Core-Energetics.

Core Strokes™ sessions invite the client to come out with a new part of themselves, or an old part of themselves that has been hiding in their body as symptoms. The presence of the therapist should give the client the courage to begin revealing, purifying and transforming all that is coming out of him/her.

Core Strokes™ sessions use positive "units of recognition" (strokes) to foster “corrective emotional experiences”, improve our self-soothing capacity, create a positive change of one’s outlook on world, self, and the future as well as an increase in general resilience, determination, positive emotions and optimism.


  • How to allow the body to be a temple of your soul.
  • How to tap into the power of what we desire deep inside of us, to be able to create our experiences.
  • How -- for those on a spiritual path -- to appreciate that there is a profoundly spiritual aspect to "letting go" on the physical plane. To reclaim our connection to the Cosmic Pulse, we must pay attention to our body and to our instinctual drives, our attraction and how we become and remain attached.
  • How to release defenses of the body and integrate body with mind and emotions. We will introduce you to methodological work with the sleeve and with the inner core of the bodymind, different release work techniques and paths towards enjoyment of deep inner power. A systematic focus on the defense patterns and of blocked energy in the different layers of the anatomical structures (including the fascia) and the 7 segments of armoring of the body.
  • How to help the person understand and transform holding patterns in the myofascia from the perspective of character style. We will introduce crucial discoveries from the last twenty years in natural and human sciences and implement many of these discoveries throughout the course of the training modules.
  • How to identify characteristic patterns and blocks to the free flow of orgasmic energy and how these blocks are related to body types and personality types. The combination of practical work, deep experience, theoretical understanding of techniques and the enlargement of our system of scientific reference will advance your practice and make it more robust.
  • How to identify the origin of these energy blocks and how to release them on physical, energetic, and emotional levels. Blockages in the natural flow of energy are dissolved through the use of both hands-on-bodywork as well as with non-touch guidance of the client.
  • How to free yourself from old, dysfunctional patterns and become a mature, self-validating individual.
  • How to use Core-Strokes™  bodywork to release trauma and to increase pleasure. Advanced directions for your practice will be suggested and we will provide our Training Manual to follow the classwork.
  • A number of so-called "Paradigm sessions" that will help the student to work in a holistic and integrative way with the bodymind.  These paradigm sessions will be taught in four separate Training Modules. These paradigm sessions allow for dissociated parts of our spirit that have been fragmented from our body to come together again, to come back into our body, re-united, re-associated. The Core Strokes Model follows and respects the organizational structure of the bodymind and the topographical anatomy of the myofascial network.


Core Strokes™ will be offered in 7 day Modules in different countries.

These Modules (4 in total) can be taken in chronological order, leading eventually to certification in Core Strokes™ Level I-IV.

Teaching will be in English with translations possible into other languages, depending on availability. 

These training modules in Core Strokes are a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow practitioners and colleagues from all over the world. 

Structure of the Training Modules in “Core Strokes I, II, III and IV”

First Stage: Release of Armor in Individual Bodymind Segments

Core Strokes Module I: „Initial Opening of Bodymind” - The Self, The Persona/ae, the body as Unconscious, The Shadow, The Ego, Animus/a, Personal Growth as integration of Body, Emotions, Mind, Will and Spirituality.

  1. Initial encounter of and opening of the Upper Half of the Body  
  2. Initial encounter and opening of the Lower Half of the Body
  3. Initial encounter and opening of head, neck and face

This material is covered in the first one-week training Module Core Strokes I. After successful completion of Core Strokes I, students are allowed to participate in Core Strokes Module II or Core Stokes Module I Bis. Upon successful completion of Core Strokes Bis, students are granted the Core Strokes Level I Certificate.

Core Strokes Module II: "Lengthening of the Body and Positioning of the Shoulders - Taking up Space”  and “Release of Neck and Head : „Claiming Your True Face” 

  1. Intermediate Deep Work with Hips to Shoulders
  2. Intermediate deep work of head, neck and face

This material is covered in the second one week training Module Core Strokes II. After successful completion of Core Strokes II, students are allowed to participate in Core Strokes Module III and Core Strokes II Bis. After completion of Core Stokes II Bis, students are granted the Core Strokes Level II Certificate.

Core Strokes Module III: “Deep Work : Pelvic Reorientation” - Heart-Pelvis Integration

  1. Deep Release of the Lower Pelvis
  2. Deep Release of the Upper Pelvis
  3. Deep Release of the Back of Pelvis

This material is covered in the third one-week training Module Core Strokes III. After successful completion of Core Strokes III, students are allowed to participate in the final Core Strokes Module IV and Core Strokes III Bis. After completion of Core Stokes III Bis, students are granted the Core Strokes Level III Certificate..

Core Strokes Module IV : Integration of All Parts And Aspects of Bodymind

  1. Coordinating Upper and Lower Halves / Center and Periphery
  2. Introduction of techniques and strategies for the overall reorganization of the dimensions of Front to Back, Left to Right, Inside to Outside of the body.
  3. Claiming your new found possibilities and sense of wholeness
  4. Bringing Your"Core qualities" in contact and relationship with the outside world, that has not necessarily changed

This material is covered in the fourth one-week training Module Core Strokes IV. After completion of Core Stokes IV students are allowed to participate in Core Strokes I Bis, II Bis, III Bis and IV Bis. After successful completion of Core Strokes IV Bis, students can enter the Postural Integration® Certification Program.

In total Core Strokes I, II, III, IV and Core Strokes I Bis, II Bis, III Bis, and IV Bis comprises of 500 hours of training. An additional year of 200 hours of supervised practice leads to the full practitioner certificate.

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