The uniqueness of the International program in Bodymind Integration (Transdisciplinary approach incorporating Body Psychotherapy, Deep Holistic Bodywork, Eastern & Western Philosophy & Spirituality)

This training brings together the knowledge and skills of groundbreaking psychological and body-oriented (psycho)therapeutic methods of the past 70 years along with the ancient psycho-energetic, spiritual, philosophical and health systems of the East and the West .

This training is a cross-fertilization of knowledge and years of practical and educational experience of the pioneering teachers and guest teachers. The research and knowledge of the listed ancient complementary traditions is combined with forms of psychotherapy (integrative and body-oriented) and the specialised bodywork which is used in Postural Integration®, Pelvic-Heart Integration® & Energetic Integration® (developed by Jack W. Painter, PhD).

The growth process from child-consciousness to fully mature open-consciousness is explored in a profound way and methodologies are taught to promote this development. You will learn a wide range of views and methods as well as the integration or synthesis of these.

Are you looking for both a subtle and powerful way to become a therapist -  able to guide people in a professional way towards deep transformations of consciousness - then this training is for you.


  • Yourself as the object of investigation
    We believe that the profession of therapy is an inner art-form. In our view it is the task of the therapist to make all the barriers and non-clarities present in his or her own psyche, the subject of self-examination and a major task in the process of becoming a therapist. This training is the start of a dedication to the profession of therapist, which we know it is a path of awareness and consciousness. Even after you finish your training continuing education and further journeying on the path of consciousness will keep you on a fulfilling route.


  • The freedom of man
    Despite the fact that our programs offers many insights and ways to look at yourself, as a student you learn to know little by little your own personal qualities and working style. Through the synthesis of all offered disciplines we make clear that there is no single vision or dogma for therapy. You learn from each method or angle the essence and the relationship to therapeutic process work. This will make you bright and clear in communication with your clients, and teaches you to see with the heart. Our programs help you develop your abilities to help clientsl in all freedom and to explore their personal process with deep understanding. Our trainers and teachers are qualified professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, psychomotor therapy, social work, psychiatry, etc. This trans-disciplinary field works as a cross-fertilizer.


  • Therapy only works from the heart
    As pain, stress, fear and blockages are transformed during the process, the self-love of the client continually increases. The therapist, in turn thanks to his skills and his openness, helps the client to see his/her qualities and to acknowledge and transform his/her tensions, blockages and fears. Many resources for transformation are always present within the client. Behind all possible problems and stuckness lies a whole individual. In our view, man, as a whole, as a holistic system is at once earthy and spiritual, and develops him or herself from less to more clear consciousness. We honor and support those processes in agreement with the universal principle of growth and expansion and indeed consciousness.